Here are some of the expert advice on personal finance in ET: Spend less than you earn: Thinking anything to the contrary seems blasphemous, but try saying this to today’s youngsters. For a start, make an estimate of your monthly expenses, and ensure that you keep a maximum of two months’ expenses in the bank. [...]

Spending Trends India

Here is an excerpt of spending increase in india: —– SPENDING In the 80s, snacks included Campa Cola, and the local playboy rode a Yamaha RX100. In the 70s, if you wanted a Bajaj scooter, you went on a waiting list that ran in months, and even years. For many, the dream to own a [...]

Money saved is money gained….

Why we should to personal finance tracking ? And am one of the worst in it, not tracking any money and not even thinking how, where to spend or where i have spent it. Moreover tracking is pain in neck when u try u put all over sometimes in computer, sometimes in diary, in mobile [...]