7 Steps to Creating a Personal Budget

Just like dieting, budgeting is often associated with deprivation and cutting back. However, creating and maintaining a budget doesn’t have to be a painful process. If we start thinking about [budgeting] as a way to concisely create a better environment for ourselves using our resources, it will get that much easier. Aside from maintaining a [...]

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All, due to some technical gliches sms messages between 2-3 march was not processed. We deeply regret this and have ensured that going forward this never repeated again.We apologize for this! Keep using trackspends.com and save money! Regards, Trackspends Team

94% of indians prefer and use cash transactions…

Penetration of cashless transaction stands at measly 0.43% in rural India. Whereas Only 11 % Urban Indians do cashless transactions: IAMAI Report. It strengthen the fact that its very critical to keep cash transactions in close check, given that inflation is very high. One of the important considerations for doing cash transactions is it helps us [...]

Group Expenses Tracking Solution..

The Group Expense Problem Managing group expenses can be a social and logistical nightmare! If you are consistently spending money with the same people, you’ll inevitably owe someone back, or they’ll owe you. It’s a hassle to keep track of all these exchanges, and when the time comes for reckoning how you stand with each [...]

Credit card global fraud

There is big credit card fraud identified refer: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Global-gang-skims-Indian-credit-card-industry-of-Rs-30-crore-in-2-months/articleshow/18357670.cms. Credit card usage online and in retail will always be a risky game, issue is you have this complete data being shared and used in different locations / shops and online transactions. Hence its always safe to use cash and also leads to much better savings [...]

Expense management / Budget management is now very critical…..

As inflation rates and prices are going up higher and higher, its becoming very critical to save and track your daily expenses. Best way of doing this is quickly send short description in SMS with amount and text to trackspends.com Mobile number: 09901100022 and we will categorize it and save it. Later the expenses can be [...]