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This feature makes it easy to add expenses  to Trackspends by sending an email to a special address ( ). Read this page to learn all the details, and if you have any questions or run into any problems, be sure to Contact Us.

How to add a expense via email

By Sending Emails from your registered Email ID in you can Track your Expenses.You can find your registered Email ID in the “Settings” section when logged into the site, it will look like:

Each email sent to is automatically converted into a expenses, and added to your account.

Email Format

Format of Email is defined below, for Email Subject you can use any text for your reference. Expenses should be mentioned in the Email Body as comma separated single line.


Email subject:

There are no restrictions on Subject. You can type in any subject you want, for example you can put “Expenses” as Subject for your reference. As shown below.


Email body:

Body can have any number of expenses comma separated in single line, for example:

100 rs in lunch, 40 rs in parking



Note: We process the emails received every hour, hence Email Expenses will appear in your account in minimum one hour.

Keep tracking your expenses….


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