How to use hashtag or keywords in categories..

Using hashtags or keywords on

hashtags: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords in a messages or expenses sent. It was created organically by social media platforms where  users used it to categorize messages.
keyword:  A word that serves as a key, and as a meaning to a concept. It is used to categorize messages sent as an expenses.


Using hashtags or keyword to categorize messages(expenses):

  • You can use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (without any spaces) in your messages/expenses to categorize those expenses. Using this hashtag or keyword it will be categorized to corresponding financial category based on keyword-category mapping.
  • Each category is mapped with a set of keywords or hashtags, and its very easy to change the category, keyword mapping. For example.
  • Category Name:”Medical”  has keywords: medicine,vaccination,hospital,vaccine,crocin,antibiotic,tablet (You can add more keywords)
  • Hashtags or keywords can occur anywhere in the message – at the beginning, middle, or end.

Example: In the Message below, user  included the hashtag/keyword #vaccine ( It will work with or without hashtag also ).

Messages Category
530 rs in vaccine Medical/Personal Care
530 rs in #vaccine Medical/Personal Care

In both the examples above hashtag or keywords options work, so use which ever is more convenient for you. Find below the examples of keywords to category mapping:

Medical/Personal Care medicine,vaccination,hospital,vaccine,crocin,antibiotic,tablet,
Education books,forum,stationary,tutorial,tuition,business world,magazine,crossword,
Utility Bills newspaper,paper,wash,car cleaning,airtel,reliance,iron,courier,telephone
Clothing tshirts,clothes,jeans,shirts,shirt,baby,socks,garments,shorts,fabindia,
Trackspends vodafone,recharge,sim,
Income salary,rental income,pension,interest,commission,capital gains,maintainence fee,
Entertainment & Dining lunch,dinner,dine,vegetables,eatable,ice cream,tea,snacks,food,breakfast,bread,juice,pizza,movie,park,outing,

You can add or modify the keywords to categories mapping as per your need and use it while sending SMS/Messages to to categorize it automatically.