How to save money while shopping online…

Online shopping is increasing, more and more of us are now buying groceries, cloths, electronics and books etc online in E-Commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon. Here are couple of tips to save good money if you are buying online in any of the internet websites.

  1. Thorough Research online in google: Before buying anything do a thorough research in google by typing the item you want to buy and searching in google. For example if you are looking to buy laptop search for “Dell Laptop” or “Acer Laptop” you will be getting lot of comparative prices and pick/choose the one you trust and cheaper than other sites.
  2. Search for coupons online, while buying anything online search for the website coupon, for example if you have decided to buy in amazon search for “Laptop deals in Amazon” or “Laptop coupons in Amazon” you will be able to save 2-5 % from these. Once you get coupon code, note it down and use them while doing payment for your items.
  3. Subscribe for deals and offers in these websites, on typical festival times or any events these sites announce discounts on set of items or  a vertical to ensure lot of consumers come to their site. Subscribe for these emails in these websites and wait for any good offers, near by events etc to avail the discounts.

By using these steps you can save almost 5-10% or may be more in your next online purchase…So keep saving and use for tracking your expenses.


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