Archive | March, 2010

Whats get measured gets managed…

While the above statement is generally said for a company, i feel that its also true for individuals. Why measuring works: There are several reasons why what gets measured gets managed: 1. When you measure something, you bring your attention to itThis is the first benefit you get by measuring. How can you manage if [...]

Are you bold enough to share your expenses with friends….

Help us integrate trackspends with your favourite social sites ……. These are the first of blogs which we want to float for figuring what/how we can integrate trackspends with any of the existing social sites like twitter/facebook/orkut etc. So how do we integrate trackspends with twitter ? Here are couple of options and their pros [...]

Now use Twitter Direct Messages to track your expenses…

Now you can also track your expenses from Twitter. Add your twitter username in Trackspends account and  follow trackspends in twitter ( and send direct messages to trackspends as : d trackspends 100 rs in lunch, 30 rs in parking Your account will be updated with the above expenses just like SMS based updation. For [...]