Archive | December, 2009

Consolidating different bank accounts in one place ?

Do you think consolidating different bank account in one place will it work for personal finance tracking in india? In my opinion its too risky even if one your account is compromised all your bank accounts and details will be compromised , so hackers have to just target one account making it an easy target [...]

Trackspends for group/friends finance..

Today we launched the group finance tracker that will help a group or family to track their expenses in consolidated level and individual level. How it works: Lets say you are a group of friends in metro living together and sharing a room or house. Now since you are together your expenditure will be mixed [...]

Now track your expenses with SMS mobile app…

Today we have released Mobile SMS application for those who are too lazy (like me) to even search contact (Get the number to send the expense) and type in SMS for tracking their expenses. All you have to do is punch in your amount, some text and send. One more benefit we felt is that [...]

Why does personal finance search leads to investment options like MF/Stocks etc?

I did a search for personal finance in google, the results in 80 % cases takes me to investment planning, How to buy stocks/mutual fund, How to plan for children studies/house by buying stocks/fund and lot more in buying different MFs, plans, stocks etc. What are you looking for in personal finance? First thing i [...]

Growing usage of SMS in india…

Based on this review: Looks like tracking your spends with SMS is one of the best options, simple and easily doable. Moreover with SMS going to one paisa per sms with reliance announcement checkout: SMS continues to grow every year with more and more innovative ways of utilizing its potential coming in the [...]