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Expense management / Budget management is now very critical…..

As inflation rates and prices are going up higher and higher, its becoming very critical to save and track your daily expenses. Best way of doing this is quickly send short description in SMS with amount and text to Mobile number: 09901100022 and we will categorize it and save it. Later the expenses can be [...]

Take care of your financial health…….

Today’s TimesofIndia article reflects the true benefit of using track spends for your personal finance health. To summarize: “In the pursuit of physical health benefits, you should not ignore planning adequately for your personal finances….” . Especially now with the inflection and cost of living shoring to a new height. Here is very good example [...]

Forward your Bank SMS to Trackspends and track your expenses

Now tracking your expenses is much simpler, all you have to do is forward your Bank SMS which you get whenever you use your debit/card for shopping, bill payments and withdrawals etc. Just forward this SMS to Trackspends (@09901100022) and we will track your expenses. Here is how it works: While using your debit/card for any expenses, [...]

Add/Modify/Delete categories thru SMS

Now you can add/modify/delete categories by sending SMS to 09901100022 : 1) Add a new category: SMS “Add cat cat_name” to 09901100022 Example: SMS “Add cat beauty_products” to 09901100022 2) Modify an existing category: SMS “Mod cat existing_cat_name,new_cat_name” to 09901100022 Example: SMS “Mod cat travel,holiday” to 09901100022 3) Delete an existing category: SMS “Del cat [...]

Ban on SMS till 30th September

Indian government has banned all bulk SMS and MMS services across India till September 30th 2010 in view of the impending verdict on Ayodhya. The ban affects Trackspends’s services partially as the SMS Weekly reports can no longer be sent to our subscribers. However, trackspends can continue to receive SMS from its users and this [...]

Anonymity is the biggest security against online theft….

We at DO NOT ask for bank account details, credit card details or any other finance transaction details because of these two reasons: User should be in control of there privacy and identity, also we have seen people become quiet uncomfortable giving these bank/card details and why not these are hard earned money and [...]